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Tokenisierte Immobilien Investments

Tokenization of Real Estate Investments via Participation Certificates

Rocksolid Estate AG presents an innovative method of tokenizing real estate investments that allows investors to enter the real estate market while simplifying the management of real estate. This approach democratizes access to real estate investments and opens doors that were previously closed.

In this article, we explain the process of our real estate tokenization and the steps and resources required to bring this new type of token, called ROC, to life. With Rocksolid Estate AG, you invest in tokenized participation rights and thus participate in the returns and performance of Rocksolid's properties.

Profit participation capital

Profit participation capital is deeply rooted in Austrian investment culture and has played a key role in corporate financing over the years. Originally from Germany, this form of investment quickly found favor in the Austrian business world. Profit participation rights are a hybrid form of financing and therefore neither pure equity nor debt capital, but a mixed form. For investors, profit participation rights offer an attractive opportunity to benefit from the economic development of a company.

Profit participation rights are represented by ROC tokens on the blockchain. Each person who owns a token is referred to as a “token holder”. All rights in connection with the profit participation rights are linked to ownership of the token. The tokens are managed according to the ERC-1400 token standard under the following smart contract address


The profit participation rights are transferable securities that are made tradable via the blockchain and can be purchased at Rocksolid via the MiFID II regulated broker Equito.

A brief insight into MiFID II

MiFID II, short for “Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II”, is a set of European Union regulations that came into force in 2018. It is a further development of the original MiFID Directive from 2004 and aims to make the financial market more transparent, secure and efficient. For investors like you, this means increased protection. The directive ensures that financial products and services are offered in a way that best serves your interests. It also promotes transparency by requiring companies to provide more detailed information about their products and services. So when terms like “MiFID II” appear in investment documents, you can rest assured that strict standards and regulations are in place to protect your investments.

Monthly payouts

Through these and other innovative approaches, monthly payouts are now possible, as the Terms & Conditions of the ROC token define in more detail. Rocksolid uses blockchain technology for this and can thus ensure that the monthly payouts work flawlessly. The payout is based on the possession of one or more ROC tokens.

Security and transparency of smart contracts

The ROC token is a smart contract. One of the main features of smart contracts is their transparency. Once a smart contract has been created on a blockchain, it can no longer be changed. This means that all parties can see the terms of the contract and can be sure that they will not be changed without everyone’s consent.

At Rocksolid Estate, investor trust and security is paramount. The use of smart contracts for payouts ensures that you as an investor receive exactly what you are entitled to. When defined conditions are met, for example when a certain date is reached, the smart contract automatically triggers the payout to you. Nothing else happens. This eliminates human error, delays or potential discrepancies.

The ROC token is a security token (STO) according to the ERC -1400 token standard

ERC-1400 is an Ethereum token standard specifically designed for security tokens, i.e. digital assets that are legally considered securities. It combines the best functions of various other standards and thus offers a high degree of flexibility and compliance with the legal framework.

STO stands for Security Token Offering. A security token is a digital asset that is legally considered a security and is backed by real assets, revenues or company profits. Essentially, they are the digital version of traditional securities, using blockchain technology to issue and manage them.

At Rocksolid Estate, the ROC token takes center stage. Like other security tokens, the ROC token represents a specific share in an underlying asset or company. It is, so to speak, a digital fingerprint of a real investment.

Advantages for investors

The blockchain technology on which security tokens are based offers complete transparency. You can track transactions in real time and ensure that everything is running smoothly. Security tokens allow you to invest in different projects or assets. At Rocksolid Estate AG, by purchasing the ROC token, you participate in the returns and performance of all properties owned by Rocksolid based on the terms and conditions of the ROC token.

The digital process also eliminates the need for many traditional intermediaries such as banks or notaries. This saves time, makes the investment process more efficient and enables monthly distributions with minimal fees.

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