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Low transaction & administration costs

As a tokenized real estate company, many costs are eliminated or minimized.

Participation rights for investors

Investors have the opportunity to actively participate in corporate decisions via “voting rights”.

Tested, fully developed and rented real estate

Stable performance and solid returns from commercial real estate.

Rocksolid Estate AG

Participation in real estate

Rocksolid Estate AG enables you to participate in the profits from the rental, sale and management of all Rocksolid Estate properties. Therefore, your investment risk that usually comes with investing in just one property is minimized.

Our team of experts has many years of experience in the real estate industry and an extensive network for sourcing and managing first-class properties. With Rocksolid Estate, you can share in the proceeds of real estate without having to deal with the many costly paperwork and complicated administration normally associated with investing directly in real estate.

Real estate investment in just a few minutes

Invest in real estate with Rocksolid Estate AG

Sign up, verify and invest through the broker Equito

After the simple and free registration and verification, you can invest in the ROC token of Rocksolid Estate AG via our MiFID II regulated broker Equito.

Rocksolid Estate buys, optimizes and manages properties

From here, our experts take over and buy high-yield real estate with potential, which yields an attractive return from day one. With the growth of the company and targeted buying and selling, the real estate portfolio is expected to expand.

Profit distribution and capital growth Rocksolid Estate Token

The profit generated by Rocksolid Estate AG should be distributed to investors monthly or promote the increase in value of the ROC token.

Investing has never been easier and safer

Rocksolid Estate offers you the opportunity to invest your money profitably from €100. With the first-class properties from Rocksolid and an experienced team, we are your strong partner for real estate investments. Start now and benefit from stable returns that are paid out to you monthly and from the performance of Rocksolid Estate’s properties.

In wenigen Minuten zum Immobilien Investment

Global Real Estate market developement

Real estate prices have risen steadily over the past few decades. Demand for real estate will continue to grow as the world population grows and urbanization continues. As a result, the increased demand can be accompanied by a higher price level.

Investing in the financial markets involves risk, and past performance is not indicative of future results. The charts, graphs and other visual representations are intended solely as illustrations of historical data and trends. They should not be relied upon as a guarantee of future performance or returns.

Rocksolid Estate invests in commercial real estate

Office Real Estate

As part of our investment strategy, Rocksolid Estate invests in sustainable office properties to diversify the portfolio and therefore spread the risk. Through your investment, you receive a share of the rental income from prime office properties. The steady demand for office space makes it a safe investment that guarantees inflation-proof rental income. Due to the selection of sustainable tenants you can be sure that your capital is well invested. In addition, when the property is sold, you will participate in the profits from the sale.


In today’s world, many people are looking for investment opportunities that offer them stable income and the potential for high returns. Commercial properties, such as shopping centers or logistics parks, are an asset class that offers both. When you invest in Rocksolid Estate AG, you are entitled to a share of the rental income from the industrial and logistics space. This can provide you with a steady income that will help you achieve your financial goals. In addition, when the property is sold, you will participate in the proceeds of the sale. This can give you the opportunity to make a significant profit on your investment. It is simple and straightforward and offers the potential for high returns.

Touristische Vermietung

Tourist rental

Rocksolid Estate also invests in properties that are rented out to tourists. As a result, you not only profit from the rapidly growing tourism industry, but also participate in the high returns that these rentals generate. Our many years of experience and comprehensive know-how enable us to achieve attractive rental income and stable value development. Travel and leisure activities are showing high growth rates worldwide, so there is no better way to profit from this trend than by investing in tourism rentals.

Photovoltaic & Co.

Are you looking for a smart and sustainable investment that helps to make our planet a better place? Then Rocksolid Estate and the topic of photovoltaic systems are just right for you! With this cutting-edge technology, you can generate renewable energy and get a share of the economic success. Not only is it a great financial move, but it’s also an environmentally friendly one. So why wait? As part of our investment strategy, we invest in photovoltaic systems for you and help create a better future for our planet!

Your real estate investment

Rocksolid Estate AG

Don’t just invest in one property, diversify into several properties with the ROC token!

Rocksolid Estate AG plans to generate regular income from the rental and sale of the properties it manages. The profit generated by Rocksolid Estate AG is distributed to investors on a monthly basis or invested in the purchase of new properties in order to maximize profits and increase the overall value of Rocksolid properties and thus the ROC token.

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Frequently asked questions

Rocksolid Estate AG opens up access to the investment market for all pockets through the tokenization of participation rights in Rocksolid Estate AG, a real estate management company. In doing so, anyone 18 years of age or older is eligible to invest in Rocksolid Estate’s offerings to benefit from the potential of the solid real estate market.

Rocksolid Estate AG specializes in investing in high-quality commercial real estate in Germany and Austria. These properties offer an excellent hedge against inflation through index-linked rental contracts, while at the same time enabling attractive returns. Due to the limited term of the lease contracts in commercial properties, there is also a particularly high flexibility in terms of realizability. It makes it possible to react quickly to market changes and to constantly adapt the portfolio to current requirements. We are convinced that commercial real estate is an excellent way to make a stable and at the same time profitable investment.

A profit participation certificate is a security that allows the holder to participate in the profits and losses as well as in the value of the company, with no obligation to make additional contributions. It is a type of hybrid financing that can represent both equity and debt. At Rocksolid Estate AG, you invest in tokenized asset participation rights and thus participate in the earnings and value increases of Rocksolid’s real estate.

It must be taken into account that every investment is associated with a certain risk. There is a possibility that the expected return will not be achieved and the invested capital, up to total loss, may be lost. The risk factors may change depending on the investment product, markets or real estate. It is recommended to carefully review the investment terms and conditions as well as information on the investment offer in order to be aware of the design and risk structure of the respective product.

Rocksolid Estate AG offers investors the opportunity to profit from diversified high-quality commercial real estate. Depending on various parameters such as location, type of property, lease contracts and also size of the property, the rental yields of commercial properties in Germany and Austria are currently (as of 2023) between 4-5% per year. Your share of the annual return results from the net rent of the property minus real estate costs and administrative costs. The larger the portfolio of Rocksolid Estate becomes, the higher your share in the annual rental income will be, since the administrative costs will be proportionally lower. In addition, the increase in value of the property, which has averaged 5-10% per year in recent years, contributes to a higher return. You can profit from the appreciation as soon as you resell your acquired real estate tokens.

Rocksolid Estate AG enables its investors to have an active say in a large number of the company’s decisions as part of the purchase of tokenized participation certificates. These participation rights are allocated to investors in relation to the number of participation certificates purchased and are listed in detail in the capital market prospectus.

Rocksolid Estate AG

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