The Rocksolid Estate AG

Our goal is to become the leading company in tokenized real estate in the next few years, giving everyone access to the lucrative real estate market.
Bernhard Wurdinger & Sebastian Arnezeder

Introducing ourselves!

Rocksolid Estate AG consists of a team of international experts with years of experience in the real estate, investment and cryptocurrency markets.

The real estate market is too costly, complex and time-consuming for most people. Our goal is to democratize traditional real estate investing so that more people can take advantage of this safe asset class. We offer participation certificates through which people can participate in the real estate earnings of Rocksolid Estate AG in a straightforward manner and without incurring large additional costs. Currently, investors have the opportunity to invest from an amount of € 100.

Rocksolid Estate AG

Participation in real estate

Rocksolid Estate AG enables you to participate in the profits from the rental, sale and management of all Rocksolid Estate properties. Therefore, your investment risk that usually comes with investing in just one property is minimized.

Our team of experts has many years of experience in the real estate industry and an extensive network for sourcing and managing first-class properties. With Rocksolid Estate, you can share in the proceeds of real estate without having to deal with the many costly paperwork and complicated administration normally associated with investing directly in real estate.

Real estate investment in just a few minutes

Invest in real estate with Rocksolid Estate AG

Sign up, verify and invest through the broker Equito

After the simple and free registration and verification, you can invest in the ROC token of Rocksolid Estate AG via our MiFID II regulated broker Equito.

Rocksolid Estate buys, optimizes and manages properties

From here, our experts take over and buy high-yield real estate with potential, which yields an attractive return from day one. With the growth of the company and targeted buying and selling, the real estate portfolio is expected to expand.

Profit distribution and capital growth Rocksolid Estate Token

The profit generated by Rocksolid Estate AG should be distributed to investors monthly or promote the increase in value of the ROC token.

How it works

Our vision is to democratise commercial real estate and make it accessible to investors of all budgets from EUR 100. By purchasing a ROC Token, you invest not just in one property, but in all properties owned and managed by Rocksolid Estate AG. Receive monthly rental income and the potential for the ROC token to increase in value.
Rocksolid Investment Journey

1 ROC = 1 EUR

No complex investment structures – simply buy the ROC token from 100€ via our broker Equito and participate in the profits and increases in value of all properties owned by Rocksolid.

Thanks to a state-of-the-art blockchain, transactions are significantly lower and ensure higher returns. What sets us apart from others is that we invest in fully developed properties and have extensive co-determination rights. As a Rocksolid investor, you have the right to vote on company decisions and shape the future together with us. Invest in the ROC token today, where financial prosperity is combined with the power to make a sustainable difference.
How it works
Checklist for Investors

Rocksolid Estate Aktiengesellschaft

Our goal is to become the leading company in the tokenised property sector, giving everyone access to the lucrative property market.

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Rocksolid Estate AG

Buy ROC token from €100

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